Chocolate Assortments

JinJu Signature Fortunato & Novelty 8 Tube Collection
This collection offers JinJu Fortunato No. 4 chocolates & JinJu Signature novelty chocolates, packaged in an assortment of 8 tube containers. Ideal gift for any special o..
LUXURY 64-Piece Chocolate Collection
The ultimate chocolate experience with 64 pieces of the best JinJu Chocolates has to offer. This 4-tiered box includes favorites from each signature collection including our dec..
LUXURY 32-Piece Chocolate Collection
Our 32-piece gourmet chocolate assortment will deliver pure joy to any chocolate lover. Our 2-tiered box offers a sampling from each of our signature collections. Take a journey..
AKOYA 32-Piece Collection
Indulge your senses in our 32-piece Akoya Collection. A rich journey of tantalizing flavors that includes: Berry Mascarpone, Key Lime, Lemon White Chocolate, Tropical Fruit, and..
AKOYA 16-Piece Collection
Our 16-piece bonbon collection offers a selection of velvety smooth infused flavors that include: Berry Mascarpone, Key Lime, Lemon White Chocolate, Tropical Fruit and Vanilla C..
AKOYA 4-Piece Collection
A unique sampling of our elegant bonbons, beautifully packaged and perfect as a party or wedding favor and a good size for you to sample our treasure gems. Also available:&n..
KESHI 32-Piece Collection
JinJu Chocolates uses the time honored traditions of European techniques to create a 32-piece collection of unique bonbons with incredible flavors. This collection offers intens..
KESHI 16-Piece Collection
Our 16 piece collection of European fine chocolates offers silky smooth ganache infused flavor combinations that are sure to tempt your taste buds. Each piece is handcrafted and..
KESHI 4-Piece Collection
Whether you are looking for a wedding or party favors or would like to sample our European style bonbons, the Keshi 4-piece collection offers the perfect sized gift, beautifully..
TRUFFLE 32-Piece Collection
Indulge in chocolate decadence with our 32-piece Truffle Collection. Each truffle is a statement for our passion to create the finest European truffles. Our truffles begin by ha..
TRUFFLE 16-Piece Collection
A 16-piece collection that showcases our artisan abilities to create decadent European truffles. We hand blend the highest quality ingredients with fresh cream and premium Swiss..
TRUFFLE 4-piece Collection
Need a smaller Truffle collection for party or wedding favors or just a truffle fix? Our 4-piece collection is beautifully packaged and complete with hand tied ribbon for any oc..